Our Story

We are MS99 international. A team of over 1000 Gold and Silver acquisition enthusiasts in a company called 7K Metals. 7K Metals is five years old and has given much joy through different tenets of its programmed offerings to many families around the world. From the joy of being able to have Dealer Direct priced precious metals delivered to their doors on a regular basis or the joy of the Sound Money Wallet – an innovation where at the click of a mouse or tap of the screen we can change fiat currency into appreciating assets that are audited and accredited by the Lloyds of London.

In addition to this there are also the joys of a Gold Backed IRAs, a 7K Advantage Rewards Program and an awesome Affiliate program along with other benefits. 7K Metals operates officially in seven countries – the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and Singapore… However, with the right mailing service persons from other countries can also participate. We are so excited to show you how this works.  Here at 7K Metals we acquire Numismatic Silver and Gold Coins which are not just for the preservation of your spending power; they are also Collector Art pieces . Join us today as this year of 2021 will mark its place in history as a significant turning point as the value and purchasing power of the fiat currency in our economy is being heavily eroded. We now have the chance to preserve our wealth in precious metals.


MS99 International now has a membership of over one thousand (1000) strong and growing. Through this platform we provide guidance for everyone enrolled by a 7K  Associate and Founding Member of MS99 International Associates. We understand the significance of helping you and the people you are about to enrol in this wonderful business.  Together We Achieve More! Together we are committed to supporting you and your team. We welcome you to this big family of MS99 International Associates.


At MS99 International we keep all our Associates updated through an exclusive Facebook Messenger Group. We share and carry out regular Business Building Activities. If you are serious and truly desire to be successful with building a sustainable 7K Business, and would like to be part of this Exclusive Group speak to your enroller today or email on behalf of MS99 International Associates.  We congratulate you for taking the first step towards a lifestyle powered by Gold and Silver.

Please find a list of MS99 International leaders in the various locations. We will continue adding to this list as we continue expanding our footprint.

MS99 International Founding Associate:
Coleen Lee – 1-406-698-9427 coleenlee.ms99@gmail.com
MS99 International Founding Associate:
Jay Lee – 1-406-698-1563 jaylee.ms99@gmail.com
MS99 International Co-Founding Member:
Tracy Schwend – 1-406-208-3532 tracyschwend.ms99@gmail.com
MS99 International Founding Member:
George Anglin – 1-406-661-5548 gmc.ms99@gmail.com
MS99 International Founding Member:
Bryan Allmann  – 1-224-565-6507 bryanallmann.ms99@gmail.com
MS99 International Founding Member:
Paula Adams 1-406-670-6434 pjadams.ms99@gmail.com

We look forward to welcoming you on board. We’ve seen so many people find prosperity, and you can too. Always remember we believe in you!

What We Do

We acquire Numismatic Coins on the monthly Autosave Program at the Basic, Variety or Specialty Levels. The Autosave Program allows us to collect 7K labeled Speciality Series MS 70 Silver Eagles or Standard 7K labeled Silver Eagles to our doors every month. We can also have Low Mintage Graded/Ungraded Coins or Gold Coins delivered to us every month. Through the Autosave Program we have the ability to acquire travel benefits ((hotel, airfare,rental cars, vacation spots, etc.) in addition to other deals online and at over 800,000 retail locations throughout the USA.

This powers a sustainable lifestyle, as we are also able to acquire gold and silver bullion coins and bars at dealer direct prices, jewellery and 7K Gear from the Products Section of our own 7K websites. In addition to the 7K Advantage Program, Loyalty Points, Commissions and even individual Health Plans there are yet more benefits. This is a truly awesome adventure!