There are 7 Ranks / Levels in 7K Metals compensation structure. 1. Associate 2. Copper. 3. Bronze. 4. Silver 5. Gold  6. Executive Gold and 7. Presidential Gold. All accompanied by their own payout amount. This is passive income at it’s finest. The Silver level, if achieved in the first 90 days of signing up grants that rank holder a FREE 100oz Silver Bar and Free 5 Ounce coin. This is where things start to get interesting. I love it!





Eye-catching graphics are great for promoting your 7K Metals business. A great way to get the word out to your networks. Whether online ie social media and email. Or be it offline via posters, postcards or flyers. Use the link below to check out and choose 20 flyers that fit your style. Let’s get you to the Silver Rank!

Nothing says professional like custom branded polos,  with our new initiative to take it up another notch. This May for regionals we will be taking our pictures and hitting social media to get the word out that we are here to stay. We currently have polos and will be doing other styles going forward. Can’t wait to see you all.